Interior architecture: Thermophores changing color by heat from sunlight.

Ther­mophores chang­ing color by heat from sunlight.

Liv­ing art­work: Changes color by heat from sunlight

With it’s organic, coral-like look, the Ther­mophores can fully change the color of it’s struc­ture when exposed to tem­per­a­ture changes. When heated by sun­light, a beau­ti­ful visual process is put in motion turn­ing the organ­ism into a dif­fer­ent color. After the sun­light fades away it slowly cools down and changes back to it’s orig­i­nal color. This mag­i­cal process is ongo­ing and will occur when­ever Ther­mophores is exposed to heat from sunlight.

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Thermophores changing color.

Blue Ther­mophores chang­ing color.

Close-up structure

Close-up tex­ture.

Close-up structure

Close-up tex­ture.

Purple Thermophores changing color.

Pur­ple Ther­mophores chang­ing color.

Dark Purple Thermophores changing color.

Dark Pur­ple Ther­mophores chang­ing color.

Thermophores: Detail

Ther­mophores: Detail.